New Releases

Viagara Boys - Cave World
$34.99 LP $16.99 Cassette

Black Midi - Hell Fire
$29.99 LP, $32.99 Ltd. Translucent Red Vinyl LP

Superorganism - World Wide Pop
$39.99 Indie Exclusive Gold Vinyl LP $18.99 CD

Eddie Vedder - Earthling
$46.99 LP $14.99 CD

Jack White - Entering Heaven A...

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Another Record Store Day is fast approaching! This Saturday June 18th, we will open at 10AM for RSD 2022 Drop 2. We've already had one RSD this year, so we aren't making a big deal of it this time around, keeping things chill and easy. We won't be handing out item tickets in the lineup, RSD releases...

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Here are the releases we have received for Record Store Day 2022! Saturday April 23rd, doors open at 9AM for RSD! First come, first serve. Expect a line-up. We will be handing out 'tickets' prior to opening for requested titles to those in line. See you then!

Note: There are some delays. It look...

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Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
Cassette $16.99, CD $18.99, 2LP $38.99 Ltd Eco-Mix 2LP $39.99

Spoon - Lucifer on the Sofa LP $29.99, CD $18.99

Beach House - Once Twice Melody
Cassette $18.99, CD $18.99 2LP (Silver Edition/Black Vinyl) $36.99, Deluxe 2LP (Gold Editi...

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Halsey - If I Can't Have Love I Want Power LP $34.99


Garbage - No Gods No Masters - Green LP $32.99


Paramore - Riot Silver LP $28.99


Beach Boys - Feel Flows - 4LP $89.99, 2LP $32.99, 5CD $139.99, 2CD $19.99


Voivod - Outer Limits Black Smoke LP $32.99


Shad - Tao Deluxe COlour LP $...

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