Please be aware that we are required by law to check government-issued photo ID when buying product.

How do I sell stuff to Grooves?

Whenever we're open, we've got staff ready to handle buys - feel free to bring in your used records or CDs and we'll be happy to take a look. We're often able to appraise what you bring in while you browse! In some cases (for example, if it's busy or if you have a large collection) we may need more time. In these cases, we can hold onto your collection overnight and reach out to you when we're ready to give a quote. You can call the shop for any other selling questions at 519-640-6714 or by email at

What does Grooves buy?

We buy vinyl records and CDs, as well as music ephemera.

What doesn't Grooves buy?

We do buy most records & CDs that come our way, however we may decline certain titles that don’t sell well or titles of which we already may have too many copies. Grooves does not buy DVDs (movies).

I only have a few things I want to sell, is that okay?

Yep! We're happy to take a look at whatever you've got, from a few records you're done with to whole collections.

I have a LOT of things I want to sell. Can you come take a look?

We are able to do “House Calls” for large collections or Collectibles collections

How does the buying process work?

We check all records and CDs for quality, and don't take items which have been water damaged, scratched or which are otherwise outside of a sellable condition. For small collections, we can often offer an appraisal within half an hour, but larger collections may take some time to handle. We're always happy to hold onto your collection and give you a call once we're done if you don't want to wait in the store.