Released January 13, 2017
When I first heard the single 'On Hold' I had some reservations. Would this be too dancey and overproduced? I wasn't a fan of the effects on the background vocals and I didn't want to get my hopes up for the rest of the album. Well, I had nothing to worry about. While it is only the first month of the year, there is no doubt that this album will be on my top ten list for 2017. As a whole, the songs on the album fit together so well. It's such a cohesive production. Fans of the debut album from the band will be happy they have returned to a more upbeat sound. It gets better with every listen. It's catchy, lovely and very satisfying in your ears. Track 1 & 2 might be my favourite, but the album is strong from start to finish. Preview the track "Say Something Loving."

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